Chapter Two: Foundation Pt. 2

The Boys are Back in Town

After a night of rest, the four adventurers do some shopping, stop by the Hunter’s Guild and the Silver Tower in Eluna.

They learn of a Carnival passing through town, a group of performers and artists who worship Olidammara, the god of music and arts. They participate in some of the carnival’s activities, earning themselves a plethora of magic items and trinkets.

After enjoying their stay in Eluna to contact Thanodis to open a portal near Thracelonia so the adventurers can check on their new budding home.

Upon arrival they notice dozens of people gathered outside of the walls in tents, many of whom are sick. The guards also mention a strange man in Darkened Steel full-plate armor who was looking for Braun.

They gather all the displaced people for a town hall meeting where they discuss what needs to be done and how to make Thracelonia a safe and organized place. Through grand speeches and diplomatic charisma, the new citizens begin to work hard to build a new home for themselves and their families.


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