Chapter Two: Foundation Pt. 4

Friend or Foe?

Aramil chases after the man while the rest continue into Gob-Gob’s lair.

They best the troll waiting for them in combat with the help of Eddard’s infernal wounds.

In the next room they find Gob-Gob and his bodyguard, Hob-Gob, a hobgoblin. Braun quickly dispatches Gob-Gob and breaks his spell over Hob-Gob, returning his free will.

They let the hobgoblin go and venture to the next room where the well is. They learn a dwarf merchant has taken rest at the bottom in a place below, called, the Underdark.

After speaking with him for a short time, they head back to Thracelonia.

Journey to Inco

They speak with Sylven who states she is heading to Inco for business with the Arcane Disciples.

Braun, Jace and Eddard accompany her while Aramil spends time speaking with the imperial he convinced to come with him.

In Inco they see large amounts of bones being hauled off and buried by the military of Lorstad and the townsfolk of Inco. They learn that the Lorstadian army helped fend off the skeleton army that attacked them front Alkire and that Inco is now Lorstad territory.

They seek to speak with the Commander, Samuel but learn that they need explicit permission.

After finding the Lieutenant at the local brothel, Jace bets gold in exchange for an audience with he Commander. They play a game called Aesgareth’s Dice, where, Jace, with the help of his magic succeeds.

A strange woman notices his cheating and lets the group know she wishes to speak to them. In a week, she says, she will be in Thracelonia.

They meet with the commander, and he asked for a deal in which he will send Thracelonia some farmers to work their lands in exchange for food for their military, they have a week to reply…


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