Chapter Two: Foundation Pt. 3

Gob-Gob and the Chamber of Shinies

The party spends the next few days in Thracelonia helping its citizens build homes and work on their fields, Jace and Eddard clear out a graveyard infested with ghouls so the locals have a place to bury their loved ones.

A traveling merchant sets up shop for the day and reveals that the town of Inco is under the control of the new king of Lorstad; they were able to thwart and attack of undead from Alkire.

They overhear two of the guards talking about how they keep seeing goblin scouting parties off in the distance. The party decides to find their base and attack them before Thracelonia gets attacked.

As they move through the cave they hear goblins speaking about how they are gathering “shinies” for their leader, Gob-Gob, to throw down a well.

They find four prisoners, two dwarves, a woman and an Imperial man. They free them all and the dwarves and the man agree to help them fight.

After dealing with three barghests, they notice the Imperial man has slipped away unnoticed…


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