Hesiodos is a continent made up of two regions, the northern region generally being called
Alkireen, while the southern region is called the Imperial Empire. While Alkireen is split into
multiple nations and states, the Imperial Empire is united under a single parliamentary monarchy.

Culture and Technology

The technology of Hesiodos is similar to Western Europe during the Middle Ages.
Although the Imperial Empire has made technological advancements similar to gunpowder
and steam power.
However, much of the land is dominated by swords, spears, bows and other Middle Age weaponry.
It is noted that magic also is an important part of many cultures, like the Elves of Larethia and some other factions, like the neutral Arcane Disciples.

Most of the population consists of farmers, namely in Alkireen, while many people in the
Imperial Empire are employed in factories and mines.

Hesiodos is home to many nonhuman races such as dwarves, gnomes, halflings and elves.
As well as goblins, orcs, lizardmen, ogres, kobolds and dragons.


Hesiodos sits at 4,200,000 km2, roughly a third the size of Europe, with nearly half of the land owned by the Imperial Empire.

The geography of Hesiodos is quite varied despite its relative size, the northern parts of the
region are freezing and experience near endless snow, the western shoreline of Alkireen is barren and devoid of water save for the occasional oasis. The eastern shore is made up of
primarily deep forests, however the Dwarves have drastically changed part of the landscape due to their excessive deforestation and mining operations.

The fields between these regions in central Alkireen boast high fertility and make up a large
majority of the farmland. Due to this region being one of the few areas for reliable food, it has been the target and reason for many conflicts between nearly all nations at one point
or another.

In the south, the Imperial Empire sits on hilly and dry wasteland, most dirt is hard and unworkable, they rely on fishing and other methods to provide food.


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