Alkireen is the northern region of the landmass called Hesiodos. It is comprised of six seperate nations, Alkire, Ironan, Larethia, Torethia, Lorstad and Yu’e’grag.
Beneath much of the land lies a subterranean network of tunnels and caves where various races also live, this place is called the Underdark.
South of Alkireen is the Imperial Empire.


Alkire is a human nation in central Alkireen only recently made independent after the War of the Hydra, in which they seized independence from imperial control. Its government in disarray, the High Sceptre of Pelor, stepped in to calm the masses and take tentative control.


Ironan is the nation of dwarves in the southeast, who within the last few centuries have managed to come to the surface, despite being forced underground by the elves. Upon surfacing, the dwarves quickly began deforesting the region and mining the mountains hollow for resources. This led to constant conflict with the Elves, with any efforts at diplomacy being broken by both sides.


Larethia is the nation of Elves in the northeast, primarily wood elves, high elves and half elves. This nation is a sprawling forest and the Elves are its protectors, due to their long lifespan they are very stoic in their ways and generally traditionalists. They are currently in conflict with the Dwarves who seek to deforest their land for resources.


Torethia is the nation of Snow Elves in the upper northeast, consisting of Snow Elves, this land is a near constant winter with relentless snow, due to their nature this provides them with land that is generally unwanted by neighboring nations, as such they have maintained generally neutral relations with nearby nations, and are friendly with Larethia. Most people find the nomadic Snow Elves to be unkind, however some say they have a hidden city within the snowy wasteland, however few have ever attempted the venture to see it.


Lorstad is the human nation in the north, a war-torn land after the events of the War of the Hydra in which their King was assassinated. Since then many of the royal families have been fighting for control of the territory, resulting in a civil war that has been ongoing for the past decade.


Yu’e’grag is the orcish nation on the western coast, a desolate and barren wasteland, a loosely structured collection of many orc tribes make up a nation. Laws in this nation are weak and as such, they are often raiding the nearby nations for resources, food or just brutish fun. However when their lands are invaded, the orc tribes will band together and put a stop to it.

The Underdark

The Underdark is a network of tunnels, caves and passages deep beneath the ground, mostly commonly mentioned when speaking of the Drow, a race of Gray Elves banished to the underground. Few people ever enter the Underdark, and even fewer ever return.


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