Tag: Elf


  • Sylven

    Mage apprentice of the[[Arcane Disciples | Arcane Disciples]], was tasked with accompanying the party to Eluna by [[:thanodis | Thanodis]]. Her secondary goal is to collect Arcane Shards in the outskirts of [[Alkire | Alkire]], she recently admitted to …

  • Thanodis

    The archmage of the [[Arcane Disciples | Arcane Disciples]], he helped the adventurers escape during the Fall of [[Alkire | Alkire]], he wants the adventurers to help him collect Arcane Shards, in return he may be able to break the powerful magic …

  • Fae

    An arcane archer who consistently wins the Festival of the Hunt in [[Larethia | Edgewood]], she is close friends with [[:talonwind | Talonwind]], and helps the party enter the festival. She was recently injured by a werewolf during the Wild Hunt, and …

  • Talonwind

    A talented marksman, he participated in the Festival of the Hunt with his friend, [[:fae | Fae]]. He helped the players participate in the Festival, he is currently joining in on the Wild Hunt.