Chapter Two: Foundation Pt. 5
The Grand Cathedral of Pelor

The party spends some time in Thracelonia after their first Festival of Fay’Arun, marking the revival of the Everwood tree and making the newly found community of Thracelonia official.

They agree to Commander Samuel’s proposal with the terms they send additional workers and send patrols along to roads between the towns, which he accepts.

The strange woman they met in Inco shows up as promised and introduces herself as Meril, she cuts to the chase and asks the party to investigate the abandoned Cathedral of Pelor and describe what they find in its vault, in exchange she offers them information in the form of an answer to a single question each one has. They agree.

Journey to the Cathedral

Along the 9 day journey to the Cathedral the group encounters some bandits and a dragon who asks them to recount their most impressive adventure.

When they reach Edgewood they learn that their friend, Chandor the Historian, was murdered by Melfice, the armored assailant who is searching for Braun. They also learn what it takes to establish a Hunter’s Guild from Talonwind who returned to Edgewood due to injuries.

As they near the forest surrounding the Cathedral they encounter a small hamlet of Kender, a small race with insatiable curiousity. They learn that a group of Nymph’s are protecting them.

As they approach the Cathedral they see a thick gray fog extending out from the building covering the ground.

They meet a young half-orc woman outside who is interested in the vault here and she joins the party.

An projected image of a little girl in the courtyard expresses her delight in wanting to see how the party fares in ‘her’ cathedral.

The party fights through various undead and make it to the trials of suffering.

Jace loses his staff, the handle. Braun’s hawk crumbles into dust. Eddard loses and ear and Aramil an eye. Kat is cursed with bad luck in her future.

They defeat the young girl who has been enjoying their suffering which causes the gray fog to dissipate and reach a mostly empty vault.

The vault once had a crystal on top of a pedestal, which is now shattered across the floor, a pure black stone rests in the center of the pedestal.

The group decides to rest upstairs for their journey back…

Chapter Two: Foundation Pt. 4
Friend or Foe?

Aramil chases after the man while the rest continue into Gob-Gob’s lair.

They best the troll waiting for them in combat with the help of Eddard’s infernal wounds.

In the next room they find Gob-Gob and his bodyguard, Hob-Gob, a hobgoblin. Braun quickly dispatches Gob-Gob and breaks his spell over Hob-Gob, returning his free will.

They let the hobgoblin go and venture to the next room where the well is. They learn a dwarf merchant has taken rest at the bottom in a place below, called, the Underdark.

After speaking with him for a short time, they head back to Thracelonia.

Journey to Inco

They speak with Sylven who states she is heading to Inco for business with the Arcane Disciples.

Braun, Jace and Eddard accompany her while Aramil spends time speaking with the imperial he convinced to come with him.

In Inco they see large amounts of bones being hauled off and buried by the military of Lorstad and the townsfolk of Inco. They learn that the Lorstadian army helped fend off the skeleton army that attacked them front Alkire and that Inco is now Lorstad territory.

They seek to speak with the Commander, Samuel but learn that they need explicit permission.

After finding the Lieutenant at the local brothel, Jace bets gold in exchange for an audience with he Commander. They play a game called Aesgareth’s Dice, where, Jace, with the help of his magic succeeds.

A strange woman notices his cheating and lets the group know she wishes to speak to them. In a week, she says, she will be in Thracelonia.

They meet with the commander, and he asked for a deal in which he will send Thracelonia some farmers to work their lands in exchange for food for their military, they have a week to reply…

Chapter Two: Foundation Pt. 3
Gob-Gob and the Chamber of Shinies

The party spends the next few days in Thracelonia helping its citizens build homes and work on their fields, Jace and Eddard clear out a graveyard infested with ghouls so the locals have a place to bury their loved ones.

A traveling merchant sets up shop for the day and reveals that the town of Inco is under the control of the new king of Lorstad; they were able to thwart and attack of undead from Alkire.

They overhear two of the guards talking about how they keep seeing goblin scouting parties off in the distance. The party decides to find their base and attack them before Thracelonia gets attacked.

As they move through the cave they hear goblins speaking about how they are gathering “shinies” for their leader, Gob-Gob, to throw down a well.

They find four prisoners, two dwarves, a woman and an Imperial man. They free them all and the dwarves and the man agree to help them fight.

After dealing with three barghests, they notice the Imperial man has slipped away unnoticed…

Chapter Two: Foundation Pt. 2
The Boys are Back in Town

After a night of rest, the four adventurers do some shopping, stop by the Hunter’s Guild and the Silver Tower in Eluna.

They learn of a Carnival passing through town, a group of performers and artists who worship Olidammara, the god of music and arts. They participate in some of the carnival’s activities, earning themselves a plethora of magic items and trinkets.

After enjoying their stay in Eluna to contact Thanodis to open a portal near Thracelonia so the adventurers can check on their new budding home.

Upon arrival they notice dozens of people gathered outside of the walls in tents, many of whom are sick. The guards also mention a strange man in Darkened Steel full-plate armor who was looking for Braun.

They gather all the displaced people for a town hall meeting where they discuss what needs to be done and how to make Thracelonia a safe and organized place. Through grand speeches and diplomatic charisma, the new citizens begin to work hard to build a new home for themselves and their families.

Chapter Two: Foundation
A Week in Eluna

While Braun is out searching for information on his parents, the others meet at the tavern. Jace and Aramil decide to investigate a Kobold intrusion at a local storefront. Eddard stays at the Tavern to drink.

Jace and Aramil do manage to deal with a few Kobolds in the city sewers, however they were unsuccessful in tracking down the stolen wares. Nonetheless, the shopkeeper was grateful.

They head back and meet up with Eddard and decide to find a way to reach the Isle of Larethia, where the Fae’Arun pods grow, which Aramil is seeking.

The three of them meet two Elves who agree to take them at midnight for a sum of gold.

Along the way their vessel is attacked by a tribe of Locathah, who dragged one of the two Elven men beneath the waves.

They landed on the shore, went through a cave leading to the top off the cliffs where the pods were, after grabbing one they were spotted by sentries where they quickly made their escape back to the boat, and then back to Eluna.

Chapter One (Recap)
The Fall of Alkire

Jace, Aramil and Braun were contacted by woman named Tera, who is part of the group called the Arcane Disciples to retrieve an item called an Arcane Shard. While on this mission they met a Githyanki named Maren who asked the party to reveal the location of of the Arcane Disciples Skytower. In exchange he offered a large sum of gold.

When the party returned to the city they noticed a large group of citizens gathered in the city square, waiting for a speech from the High Sceptre, the acting head of Alkire. During this speech however, the High Sceptre was beheaded by a man-in-black and Tera. Shortly after a large black cloud enveloped the city and its citizens began attacking everyone in sight. Thanodis, archmage of the Arcane Disciples helped the party escape the city.

Just outside of the city the party arrived at the town of Inco and helped defend it against some wild creatures with the help of a young Arcane Disciple named Sylvester before deciding to head east to Eluna to seek answers to the many questions they had.

They arrived at the town of Edgewood, where they met with a historian and learned of a popular author, Altin of Eluna. They participated in the Festival of the Hunt with two new people, Fae and Talonwind. They joined in the wild hunt for a short period of time and became members of the Hunters Guild.

They split off from the rest and went to Eluna, where many of Jace’s questions were answered by Thanodis, he however was tasked with retrieving additional Arcane shards to unlock the rest of his memories.

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