Chapter Two: Foundation

A Week in Eluna

While Braun is out searching for information on his parents, the others meet at the tavern. Jace and Aramil decide to investigate a Kobold intrusion at a local storefront. Eddard stays at the Tavern to drink.

Jace and Aramil do manage to deal with a few Kobolds in the city sewers, however they were unsuccessful in tracking down the stolen wares. Nonetheless, the shopkeeper was grateful.

They head back and meet up with Eddard and decide to find a way to reach the Isle of Larethia, where the Fae’Arun pods grow, which Aramil is seeking.

The three of them meet two Elves who agree to take them at midnight for a sum of gold.

Along the way their vessel is attacked by a tribe of Locathah, who dragged one of the two Elven men beneath the waves.

They landed on the shore, went through a cave leading to the top off the cliffs where the pods were, after grabbing one they were spotted by sentries where they quickly made their escape back to the boat, and then back to Eluna.


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