Chapter One (Recap)

The Fall of Alkire

Jace, Aramil and Braun were contacted by woman named Tera, who is part of the group called the Arcane Disciples to retrieve an item called an Arcane Shard. While on this mission they met a Githyanki named Maren who asked the party to reveal the location of of the Arcane Disciples Skytower. In exchange he offered a large sum of gold.

When the party returned to the city they noticed a large group of citizens gathered in the city square, waiting for a speech from the High Sceptre, the acting head of Alkire. During this speech however, the High Sceptre was beheaded by a man-in-black and Tera. Shortly after a large black cloud enveloped the city and its citizens began attacking everyone in sight. Thanodis, archmage of the Arcane Disciples helped the party escape the city.

Just outside of the city the party arrived at the town of Inco and helped defend it against some wild creatures with the help of a young Arcane Disciple named Sylvester before deciding to head east to Eluna to seek answers to the many questions they had.

They arrived at the town of Edgewood, where they met with a historian and learned of a popular author, Altin of Eluna. They participated in the Festival of the Hunt with two new people, Fae and Talonwind. They joined in the wild hunt for a short period of time and became members of the Hunters Guild.

They split off from the rest and went to Eluna, where many of Jace’s questions were answered by Thanodis, he however was tasked with retrieving additional Arcane shards to unlock the rest of his memories.


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